Law. Past, present and future legal issues

Scientific-technical capabilities

Line Responsible
1.- The economy and social law. Santos, Jos Manuel
2.- The relationship between the church and state. Silverio Nieto Nuez
3.- The value of education and sport inside prison: maintaining self-worth and as a means of social reintegration. Molina Molina, Francisco Javier
4.- Settling disputes out of court. de la Torre, Francisco
5.- . Conde, Pilar
6.- Protection and guarantee of human rights and individual dignity. Silverio Nieto Nuez
7.- SOPHIA, cultural law and technology: Challenges in the 21st century. Mndez, Mara
8.- Evaluation and diagnosis of school bullying. Caballero, Jos Mara
9.- Family heritage management and legal family protection. de la Torre, Francisco
10.- Guaranteeing of citizens rights under the administrative system. de la Torre, Francisco
11.- Food laws and health science. de la Torre, Francisco
12.- . Conde, Pilar
13.- Registration system and road safety. de la Torre, Francisco
14.- Business and family business law. Snchez-Vizcano, Jaime
15.- Mediterranean water culture. de la Torre, Francisco
16.- . Conde, Pilar
17.- Cultural, social and economic rights. de la Torre, Francisco