Human microorganisms and inflammatory immunology pathology and systemic infections (MiBioPath Group)

Scientific-technical capabilities

Line Responsible
1.- Biochemical mechanisms involved in the translocation of DNA intestinal bacterial sources and the human microbiome. Miguel ngel Carrin Gutierrez
2.- The study of human micro-organisms and its influence on chronic disease and relapses. Navarro, Vicente
3.- Enterotype an influence on infectious diseases outcome. Enrique Bernal Morell
4.- Massive sequencing in biological samples. Jose Antonio Ruiz Macia
5.- Microbiota and its role in the pathophysiology of chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Trinitario Pina Murcia
6.- Intestinal micro-organisms in disease and mechanisms for enacting modification in them for therapeutic purposes. Ramn Vidal, Daniel
7.- Pharmacological mechanisms and new therapeutic goals geared towards modifying the human microbiome in systemic inflammatory diseases. Beatriz Ruzafa Costas
8.- Chronic inflammatory arthropathy. Bacterial translocation of DNA at the outset of these diseases. Trinitario Pina Murcia