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Dedication Scheme Modification

By completing this procedure, you can request a change in the initial dedication scheme established, we woulk like to remind you that:

  • FULL-TIME dedication establishes 3 years to complete your doctoral programme.
  • PART-TIME dedication establishes 5 years to complete your doctoral programme.

We inform you that the part-time dedication must be justified by supporting documentation; the contemplated cases include the following ones:

  • Temporary Disability
  • Be employed and provide a proof of employment document
  • Be doing other specialised training with part-time dedication
  • Maternity
  • Be considered the main caregiver of a dependent person and justify it through supporting documentation
  • Be a high-level competitive athlete
  • Paternity
  • Other duly justified reasons


  1. Download the request form and fill it out properly.
  2. Send the application via the form Submission of Dedication Scheme Modification Request, which shall be validated by the EIDUCAM Academic Registry.
  3. The Academic Committee of the programme will assess the application and will issue (within a maximum of 15 days) a resolution as favourable or unfavourable, in which case it will be duly justified.
  4. The EIDUCAM Academic Registry will register the new status of the student on the LAUREA ACADEMIC platform and will inform the tutor and supervisor/s.