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Training and Mobility

Training Activities


In order to guarantee the competences that doctoral students must acquire, as established in article 5 of Royal Decree 99/2011, UCAM doctoral programmes will offer both transversal and specific training, although the main activity will be research.

Transversal training will be given in all doctoral programmes, which corresponds to the Research Methodology Module, whose organisation, content, procedures for its assessment and control are detailed in Annex 1. Doctoral students who must take and pass this module shall do so, as a general rule, during the first year of the doctorate so as not to be excluded from the programme.

This training may also be included within the content of the official postgraduate master's degrees, in which case it will be recognised, and it will not be necessary to course it during the doctorate. Transversal training may also be recognised if the doctoral student demonstrates the level of research training or equivalent experience, after providing the relevant documentation and the approval of the Academic Committee.

Each doctoral programme will offer specific training in its knowledge area through:

  • Scientific seminars.
  • Specialised courses in scientific methodology and analytical techniques.
  • Lecture Series.
  • Organisation of and participation in conferences.
  • Other activities specific to the area.

As defined in article 4.2 of Royal Decree 99/2011, the organisation of this training and the procedures for its control will be defined by each Academic Committee and included in the report for the verification of the doctoral programme.

All training activities carried out by the doctoral student shall be included in the activities document referred to in article 2.5 of Royal Decree 99/2011.

Actions and mobility criteria shall be defined in each doctoral programme based on its characteristics.