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Temporary resignation request

Doctoral students can request a temporary resignation from the programme during a definite period for different reasons:

  1. Temporary resignation for sudden cause: Illness, maternity or paternity, serious or long-term disease of first degree relatives, especially relevant economic or work-related causes, accident or any other cause set out in the regulation in force (Royal Decree 99/2011). The duration of the temporary resignation will correspond to the one that derives from its cause and it shall be justified through documentation. In these cases, regardless of the duration of the interruption, the taxes shall be regularly paid and under no circumstances the taxes of the corresponding academic year will be refunded after the payment.
    In case of requesting this type of resignation during the 6-month deadline for the rectification of a negative report of the Academic Commission of the programme, the doctoral student will be obliged to submit the reports necessary to be evaluated by the Academic Commission timely and in due form. To evaluate these students, the Commission will take into account this circumstance.
  2. Voluntary temporary resignation: As established by the Royal Decree 99/2011, the doctoral student can request a voluntary temporary resignation for a maximum period of 1 year, expandable up to 1 more year.
    In these cases, the request by the doctoral student shall be made before October 30 of each year and it must be duly justified. In case of approval by the Academic Commission of the programme, the doctoral student will be exempt from paying the academic tutelage during that academic year.
    This type of voluntary resignation can only be requested from the second year of stay in the programme and always after having obtained a positive report in the annual evaluation of the previous academic year. That is, it cannot be requested by students who have a negative report for the previous academic year.
    In any case, the Academic Commission will approve a period of 1 academic year. After this period, the doctoral student shall register again in the ordinary way; otherwise, the student shall leave the programme permanently. In case of wanting to expand it for an additional year, it will be necessary to request it again to the Academic Commission.

In any case, it shall be duly justified.

Regardless of the type of temporary resignation, such period will not be taken into account for the counting of the deadlines established for the presentation of the thesis, both for full-time and part-time students.


  1. Send the Application which must be validated by the Secretariat of EIDUCAM.
  2. The Academic Commission of the programme will evaluate the application and it will issue (within a maximum period of 15 days) a positive or a negative resolution, in which case it shall be duly justified.
  3. The Secretariat of EIDUCAM will register the new condition of the student in the Cuaderno de Doctorado Application and it will inform the tutor and the director/s.