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Supervision Commitment Document

The Universidad Católica shall establish the supervision functions of the doctoral students through a Supervision Commitment Document signed by the International Doctoral School, the doctoral student, their Tutor and their Supervisor/s. This commitment shall be signed as soon as possible after the enrolment of the doctoral student, who will receive the supervision commitment document detailing the functions, rights and obligations of each of the agents who will take part in the development of their Doctoral Programme in their UCAM student email (

Furthermore, this document will establish your dedication to doctoral studies, which may be FULL-TIME* or PART-TIME*. This shall mark the maximum time you will have to complete your doctoral programme.

The signing process is simple. It is carried out through a virtual platform which allows manually signing via mobiles or computers.


You have 3 years to complete your doctoral programme.

You have 5 years to complete your doctoral programme.

We inform you that the part-time dedication must be justified by supporting documentation; the contemplated cases include the following ones:

  • Temporary Disability
  • Be employed and provide a proof of employment document
  • Be doing other specialised training with part-time dedication
  • Maternity
  • Be considered the main caregiver of a dependent person and justify it through supporting documentation
  • Be a high-level competitive athlete
  • Paternity
  • Other duly justified reasons