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Temporary Suspension of the Doctoral Thesis Publication

Resolution of the Governing Board of the International Doctoral School of 28 July 2020, regulating the procedure for requesting temporary suspension of the open publication of a Doctoral Thesis.

Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official doctoral courses and the regulations governing doctoral studies at the Universidad Católica of Murcia, include the obligation to publish, in an open institutional repository, an electronic copy of the thesis with a passing grade, while acknowledging that, in exceptional circumstances determined by the academic committee of the programme, such as, among others, the participation of companies in the programme or School, confidentiality agreements with companies or the possibility of generating patents which fall within the content of the thesis, procedures are enabled that ensure the non-publication of these items.

Therefore, the following procedure is established for the temporary suspension of the open publication of the doctoral thesis:

  • The interested party shall submit their application to this School using the form available at this link (Application Form). In the event that there are confidentiality agreements with companies or the possibility of generating patents, affecting any of the parts, a copy which does not include these contents and a copy of the certifying documentation shall be provided.
  • The UCAM International Doctoral School shall ask the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme concerned to assess the reasons provided by the interested party and their compliance with the regulations in force for this exception to the obligation of open publication.
  • In accordance with the assessment of the Academic Committee, the EIDUCAM Governing Board shall issue the corresponding resolution.
  • The decision shall be communicated to both the interested party and their supervisor(s), the tutor, the programme coordinator and those responsible for the RIUCAM repository. Where appropriate, the resolution shall also be forwarded to those responsible for TESEO.