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Thesis Tutors and Supervisors



Each doctoral student will be assigned a tutor and, at least, a supervisor whose functions are described in articles 11 and 12 of Royal Decree 99/2011. After admission to the doctoral programme, the corresponding academic committee will assign each doctoral student a tutor from among the University's doctors who have demonstrated research experience. The tutor shall be responsible for ensuring the interaction of the doctoral student with said committee and for their comprehensive training. Likewise, they shall be responsible for registering and monitoring the training activities in the doctoral student's activities document.

Thesis Supervisor


Within a maximum of three months from enrolment, the Academic Committee responsible for the programme shall assign each doctoral student with a doctoral thesis supervisor who may or may not be the tutor referred to in the preceding paragraph. This assignment may fall to any Spanish or foreign doctor with demonstrated research experience, regardless of the university, centre or institution in which they offer their services. The thesis may be co-supervised by other doctors, up to a maximum of three, when there are academic reasons, at the proposal of the supervisor and with the authorisation of the Academic Committee. Said authorisation may be revoked later if, in the opinion of the Academic Committee, the co-supervision does not benefit the development of the thesis.

To be a doctoral thesis supervisor at UCAM, having a demonstrated postdoctoral research experience of at least two years will be an essential requirement. Doctors who do not meet this requirement may only co-supervise doctoral theses.

The supervisor of the doctoral thesis will be responsible for the coherence and suitability of the training activities, the impact and novelty of the subject matter of the doctoral thesis and the Research Plan.

The Academic Committee, upon hearing the supervisor and/or the doctoral student, may modify the appointment of the tutor and/or the thesis supervisor at any given time during the period of completion of the doctorate, provided that there are justified reasons. The tutoring of the doctoral student and thesis supervision will be recognised as part of the teaching and research dedication of the teaching staff.