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This information is intended to promote and make the national and international mobility of doctoral students easier. Doctoral students shall be able to conduct academic and research activities in universities, higher education institutions and international companies. The proper development of these activities shall be ensured through clear guidelines for the implementation, monitoring, assessment, improvement and verification of mobility programmes.

Specifically, the geographical and inter-institutional mobility of doctoral students shall be enhanced with the aim of acquiring new knowledge and learning new techniques or establishing scientific exchanges which promote research areas currently under development at the University.

At the same time, the aim is to create and strengthen academic links between the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia and foreign institutions by promoting collaboration in teaching and research tasks. This way, it will be possible to strengthen the doctoral programmes leading them towards excellence and, at the same time, it will increase the degree of internationalisation of our doctoral students by increasing the number of co-tutelages, international mentions and joint publications with foreign researchers.

In order to achieve the proposed mobility objectives, the University has the following calls and action plans:

  • Call for research licenses and financial aid for research stays in external centres.
  • UCAM's in-house research programme.
  • Subprogramme to support mobility and knowledge exchange.
  • Call for fellowships for visiting researcher stays at UCAM.

The Vice-Rectorate for Research manages the call for pre-doctoral mobility fellowships, assessing the proposals submitted in order to ensure that students develop research work at the host centre. Furthermore, it is also responsible for the scientific and technical monitoring of the work conducted during the mobility stay in collaboration with the universities, bodies and host centres. In order to facilitate this task, the Vice-Rectorate may also request the submission of additional information deemed necessary, so that the appropriate actions of monitoring and verification of the fellowship application can be carried out.

At the end of each year, a mobility report of predoctoral students shall be provided, which shall include, amongst other things, the results of the research collaboration, the flow of mobility, the programmes, the funds charged to the mobility students of the degree, the mobility duration, the destinations and possible incidents, improvements or other aspects which need to be commented and which affect the mobility of the degree.