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The mission of the UCAM International Doctoral School (EIDUCAM) is determined by the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 99/2011. EIDUCAM's aims include establishing transversal strategic actions to improve organisation, knowledge management and cooperation with the productive sector, within the framework of doctoral studies.

EIDUCAM shall organise the teaching, the activities of doctoral studies and the high-quality training and internationalization goals set by the university itself. This school is also designed to complement the curricular training of doctoral students towards the professional competences demanded by the productive sector. In this way, it will be able to attract, integrate and develop talent in a scenario of knowledge generation and innovation which will raise the level of excellence of the university's teaching and research activities.

EIDUCAM shall organise the offer of transversal activities which are common to all doctoral programmes and shall establish the required mechanisms for comprehensive and interdisciplinary doctoral training, aiming at the internationalisation of doctoral studies in order to achieve long-range, high quality scientific results derived from doctoral theses.




EIDUCAM's vision is to be a national and international benchmark in terms of offering scientific quality doctoral programmes, with a high degree of employability of its graduate doctors. To this end, the school is constituted as a multidisciplinary space allowing the integral development of students and researchers, with the latest technologies which facilitate knowledge management.




Our values represent our identity. We are different because the people who work at UCAM make this university a unique and distinctive project. The values which drive our commitment are:

  • People: Personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We ensure development opportunities based on merit and personal and professional qualities.
  • Team: we encourage teamwork to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.
  • Ethical conduct: we act professionally, with moral integrity, loyalty and respect for people.
  • Service: we focus our efforts on the needs and expectations of our students, providing both competitive and quality solutions.
  • Innovation: we promote continuous improvements and innovation to achieve the highest quality in student training.
  • Rigour: We work from the perspective of quality and following the established procedures. We are responsible, disciplined and efficient. We see continuous improvement towards excellence as a way of operating.
  • Results-oriented: we direct our actions towards achieving the objectives of each educational project.
  • Transparency: We facilitate access to the information required to carry out the assigned work, maintaining an approachable attitude towards others.