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Transversal Training Activities

The transversal training programme of the doctorate aims to offer the doctoral student complementary training to their activity as a researcher. Said activities, included in Spanish Royal Decree 99/201 of Doctoral Studies, may be carried out throughout the doctoral studies.

These activities are simultaneous to those proposed by each doctoral programme and will allow doctoral students to obtain a global vision of those aspects which make their incorporation into the professional world easier, as well as strengthen the competencies and skills proposed such as: understanding research methodologies and techniques, the processes of scientific documentation, writing research papers, etc.

They are structured in ECTS credits, they therefore cost (80 euros / credit). They are recognised and registered on LAUREA Academic. As these are activities which do not belong to the Programme, once completed, the student must apply for recognition following the guidelines establised for this process.

There are two types of transversal training activities

  • Courses: Courses last 10 hours. 1 ECTS credit. 80€ and may be recognised for a whole block of seminars.
  • Workshops: Workshops last 2 hours. 16€ and at least five workshops must be passed to apply for recognition of a complete block of seminars.


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Actividades de Formación Transversal Ofertadas



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