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Organisation Chart

The Academic Committee of each doctoral programme is responsible for the definition, updating, quality and coordination of the programme. It shall also ensure the reasearch progress and the training of doctoral students. It will also authorise the submission of doctoral theses and will be responsible for organising, designing and coordinating the training and research activities of the corresponding doctorate programme, with the supervision of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research and the approval of the Governing Board of the International Doctoral School.

The Academic Committee will be made up of a minimum of 5 doctors, 20% of whom may be researchers from other entities and institutions involved. The UCAM official master's degrees in areas of knowledge related to the programme, as well as each of the departments involved in the programme, will be represented on this committee.

The members of the committee, chairperson, secretary and chairs, shall be proposed by the Vice-Rectorate for Research and approved by the Governing Council, on the basis of their merits, mainly in research. The Chairperson will be the coordinator of the doctoral programme and will be appointed by the Chairperson of UCAM from among the researchers of the programme who have previously supervised at least two doctoral theses and have a record of recognised research activity for at least two terms or equivalent merits.

Academic Committee Members

Dr. Pedro Emilio Alcaraz Ramón


Dr. Tomás Trindade De Freitas


Dra. Encarnación Ruiz Lara


Dr. Aarón Manzanares Serrano


Dra. Carmen Daniela Quero Calero




Dr. Tomás Trindade De Freitas

Responsable de Alumnos

D. Álvaro Díaz Aroca

Responsable Tutores

Dr. Aarón Manzanares Serrano

Responsable Directores

Dra. Linda Haiwon Chung

Tutor Internacional