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The Programme

The PhD plays a key role in the overlap between the EHEA and the ERA, both of which are fundamental pillars of our knowledge-based society. Moreover, research is a very important part of higher education, in particular university higher education, as the change in the productive model towards a sustainable economy places PhDs as key actors in society to generate and transfer knowledge in an appropriate way.

Also, one of the great challenges of today's society is health and well-being. For this reason, we need to develop and maintain both high-quality health as well as care systems that are economically sustainable and whose developments and advances are based on proven scientific evidence.

The PhD Programme in Health Sciences has a multidisciplinary character, integrating Pharmacology and Human Nutrition with Food Science and Technology and Medicine, with the primary objective of training scientists who can provide results of direct application in society, in order to produce advances in the area of food and health, thus improving the quality of life of our population.