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PhD inSports Sciences


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It is common knowledge that sport plays a major role in the lives of individuals in our society. There are many advantages to regular physical exercise. Such advantages include the improvement of health, both physical, psychological and social.

In this sense, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (WHO, 1990). Therefore, with the aim of adding quality to the years we live, sport is nowadays not only a pastime, but also a source of experiences that improve the well-being of individuals in a society that is extremely close-knit through these practices. Moreover, sports also reduce the risk of suffering from certain illnesses.

Following the labour market study carried out in the White Paper, it is clear that sport is a significant source of employment in Spain. In the last decade, sports employment has increased by 57% in Europe and by 100% in Spain. On the other hand, the current social reality highlights the importance of physical activity and sports in our society, both as a civil right and as an indicator of wellbeing and quality of life in developed societies. Both circumstances justify the need to prepare scientists to meet this demand, in order to produce advances in the area, thus improving the quality of life of the population.


The Doctoral Programme in Sports Sciences fits within the UCAM Strategic Plan, which, in terms of research, establishes the following: "We want UCAM to be recognised as a reference centre for research in the area of Sports Sciences, through its research groups and its collaborations with companies and other institutions", and to this end:

  • We will promote the development of research in collaboration with external agents, such as research centres, universities, sports federations, schools, sports clubs and companies, through the signing of collaboration agreements and the creation of university-business Chairs.
  • We will establish active policies to enable the creation and consolidation of research groups with potential for excellence and promote the public dissemination of their results.
  • Researchers will be provided with the services and necessary means to stimulate and improve their research activities.
  • We will promote the procurement of resources for research through different research promotion programmes.
  • Research recognition will be part of the financial incentive for teachers.

Career Opportunities

The field of study of Sports Sciences in Spain, and in the European Union as a whole, is structured around five profiles (physical education, recreational sports, sports training, health and management), which in the current proposal are integrated in Physical-Sport Education and Performance and Sport Health and Management.

In this sense, the area of Sports Sciences is an area of vast professional activity, both in terms of care as well as research and technology. For this reason, future doctorate graduates of this doctoral programme have different opportunities:

  • Postdoctoral research in the area of Sports Science.
  • University teaching in the area of Sports Science.
  • Highly specialised training focused on professionals and researchers in Physical-Sport Education and Performance as well as Health and Sport Management.
  • Training aimed at technological and innovative development in the area of Sports Science.

Disability Support Services

The Services related to catering for diversity and special educational needs derived from disability inform, advise and support UCAM students and provide them with assistance and resources adapted to their needs as university students.


 Attention to Diversity Guide

PhD in Sports Sciences

The doctoral programmes will include organised aspects of research training which will not require to follow the ECTS credit structure, and which will include both transversal and specific training in the field of each programme. Nonetheless, the essential activity of the doctoral student will be research.



We want to help you start your research. This is why we provide you with all the help you need, from legislation to the different types of grants you can apply for to do your doctorate studies.

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