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Admission, Enrolment and Scholarships

Access to Doctoral Studies


The access requirements to the doctorate are those established in article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011. In general, in order to access an official doctoral programme, holding an official Spanish Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, and a Master's degree shall be necessary.

Admission applications shall be submitted to the Academic Committee of the corresponding programme, which shall issue a technical report. The application shall be processed as established in the rules and instructions for admission and enrolment.

Admission and Enrolment


Applicants may enter any doctoral programme taught at the Universidad Católica de Murcia which is scientifically related to their university curriculum vitae, provided they meet the prerequisites and the merits required for admission.

The corresponding Academic Committee shall establish the necessary requirements and admission criteria to a doctoral programme, which must be included in the programme verification report.

In the case of students with special educational needs derived from disability, the appropriate support and counselling services shall be made available to them, which will assess the need for possible curricular adaptations, itineraries or alternative studies. Admission to a doctoral programme shall be approved by the Academic Committee of each doctoral programme. The Doctoral School Academic Registry of the Vice-rectorate for Research shall annually establish the calendar and instructions for the application for admission and formalisation of enrolment in the doctoral programmes. Communication regarding admissions and exclusions shall be on an individual basis to the each applicant.

Applicants who have been excluded shall have a period of 10 working days from receipt of the notification to submit the corresponding appeal to UCAM International Doctoral School, which shall have 30 calendar days to respond.

Admitted students must formalise their enrolment according to the instructions provided by the Doctoral School Academic Registry. The registration will be renewed automatically each academic year, generating the corresponding receipt, which is to be paid. In the case of joint doctoral programmes, the agreement will determine the way in enrolment must take place.

Graduates, Architects or Engineers who hold a Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained in accordance with the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 778/1998, of 30 April, or who have reached research competence regulated in Spanish Royal Decree 185/1985, of 23 January, may be admitted. In case of having only partially passed the training period of doctoral programmes regulated by the aforementioned royal decrees, the student shall study a master's degree prior to being admitted, previous training may be recognised.

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