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Extraordinary Doctorate Award

Doctoral theses which have sufficient merit may be eligible for an Extraordinary Doctorate Award according to the rules established in the Regulations for granting Extraordinary Doctorate Awards of Universidad Católica de San Antonio de Murcia (agreement 06/11/2007).




The legislative background regulating doctoral studies transfers the competence to establish rules and to award honorary mentions or to reward doctoral theses which deserve it due to their high level of quality to the Universities. This may be reflected in the corresponding academic certificate. Therefore, the UCAM International Doctoral School proposes the following Regulations for the granting of Extraordinary Doctorate Awards:

  1. The Governing Council of the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is the competent body for the granting of extraordinary doctorate awards to doctoral theses.
  2. At the discretion of the Governing Council, having heard the proposal of the International Doctoral School, the granting of extraordinary awards for any of the Doctoral Programmes may be declared null and void.

    The granting of the award(s) is established in each of the Doctoral Programmes of the UCAM International Doctoral School. An Extraordinary Award may be proposed for every ten theses read per programme and academic year. However, the Governing Council may exceptionally grant extraordinary awards when a minimum of five doctoral theses read in any of the Doctoral Programmes is reached, or when the similarity of merits between several applicants advises so.

    In the event of not reaching the sufficient number of theses read in a Doctoral Programme, the applications made shall be transferred to the next call, assessing the merits provided in the initial application.
  3. Doctors from the Universidad Católica de San Antonio shall only be eligible for the Extraordinary Doctorate Award once, it being an indispensable requirement that this be their first defence of a Doctoral Thesis, as well as having obtained the "Distinction Cum Laude" qualification.
  4. Those interested may propose their candidacy after a full academic year from the date of their thesis reading, i.e. if the thesis was defended, for example, during the academic year 17-18, they may apply for the 19-20 call by means of the form of the Vice-Rectorate for Research, which will distribute the theses and corresponding documentation to the Academic Committees of each Doctoral Programme. Said committees must issue a reasoned report, an analytical and comparative examination of the theses according to the established scale within the established deadlines. Under no circumstances may it be agreed to hold special trials or tests.
  5. Merits related to the subject matter of the thesis which shall be assessed are those comprised between 1st January of the calendar year in which the candidate was admitted to the doctoral studies and the closing date of the call to which the candidate is applying.
  6. The International Doctoral School shall ensure the announcement of the deadlines established for extraordinary awards applications to students who have defended the doctoral thesis in the corresponding academic year.
  7. The Extraordinary Doctorate Award shall be reflected on the corresponding academic certificate.


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