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Enrolment Cancellation

In general, a period of 15 calendar days is established for the payment of the enrolment fees formalised in the ordinary enrolment period. In the event that the student does not comply with the aforementioned payment obligation, the University reserves the right to withdraw the student academically and/or administratively from the doctoral studies, considering that they renounce their place, thus leaving said place free and at the University's disposal.

Nevertheless, cancellation of enrolment in doctoral studies formalised in the ordinary period by new students shall be accepted with a refund of the amount paid, except for the amount set for the place reservation, when requested a maximum of 15 calendar days after the formalisation of the registration. The place reservation fee in all doctoral programmes is 600 euros.

The payments made in concept of place reservation are not reimbursable in any case. Nonetheless, in the event of cancellation of a doctoral enrolment, the amounts paid for place reservation will remain available for the student, who may use said fee in the future, for the payment of any other education programme at UCAM.

The cancellation will be made ex officio by the University when the student does not meet any of the access and/or admission requirements necessary to formalise the enrolment or when the enrolment payment has not been met within the established deadlines.