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Research Plan

The research proposal shall contain:


  • A cover according to the model established on our website where it is detailed (available at the Academic Registry of the virtual campus):
    • Identification data of the doctoral student, the supervisor or supervisors, if applicable.
    • The doctoral thesis title.
  • Table of contents
  • Project summary
  • Scientific objectives pursued
  • Introduction, including background or status of the topic.
  • Methodology and envisaged work plan with estimated timetable for completion (3 years for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students).
  • Scientific interest of the project.
  • Bibliography.


Enrolment Procedure


  1. Submission by the student through the LAUREA ACADEMIC application. This shall be validated by the tutor and supervisor.
  2. In its annual assessment, the Academic Committee will determine the viability of the presented proposal and, if applicable, the favourable reports of the ethics committee.
  3. In the event that shortcomings are detected by the Committee, the doctoral student shall be notified of the modifications to be made and the deadline for its new submission (6 months), if the shortcomings continue to occur, the Academic Committee will issue a reasoned report and the doctoral student shall be permanently withdrawn from the programme.
  4. In the event that the Committee validates the procedure, EIDUCAM will register it in the Research Proposals Registry of UCAM and the procedure will be marked as completed in the Laura Academic application.

Each student admitted to an EIDUCAM Doctoral Programme shall request the registration of their research proposal within 6 months of their enrolment in the programme. The doctoral student shall present, with the approval of the supervisor, a research proposal which shall include a brief introduction, the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the means and time planning to achieve it. If necessary, the research proposal must be approved by the UCAM Ethics Committee (request through

If the thesis project is going to be carried out in a centre other than UCAM, it must receive a favourable report from the Ethics Committee of said centre, before being assessed by the UCAM Ethics Committee

In general, the thesis supervisor must request this approval in the following cases:

  • Biomedical research with humans or with samples of human origin.
  • Animal research.
  • Projects on the use of cells and tissues of human embryonic origin or cell lines derived therefrom.
  • Research with genetically modified organisms.
  • Projects on use of biological agents which pose a risk to human, animal or plant health.
  • Research with radioactive substances.
  • Projects which use personal data.
  • Projects which use genetic information.
  • Projects on acquisition or exchange of genetic material.

The request for approval of the research proposal shall be submitted through the Laurea Academic platform, attaching the pdf file of the research proposal report and, if applicable, a favourable report from the ethics committee of UCAM or the centre where the research project will be carried out.

The doctoral student shall be the holder of the topic and proposed title of the thesis as long as he/she continues to enrol annually in the programme.