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Training Activities

Presentation (of a Paper or Poster) at a Conference

An oral conference paper or poster that must be of sufficient quality to be accepted by the scientific committee of a conference in their area of knowledge. It must be a result of the research pursued in the Thesis elaboration and may be done in English or in Spanish. It must be signed by the PhD student as UCAM doctoral student and may be signed as well by the Thesis Supervisor(s). The same conference paper or poster cannot be used to pass more than one activity or by more than one PhD student. In this regard, the Doctoral Conference organised annually by the UCAM shall be considered as a valid conference.

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The Presentation of Research Results before the Academic Committee

A presentation before the Academic Committee to be held in July, including the research results obtained up to that date and the work proposal for the following academic year.

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The Research Seminars

Every PhD student must complete 21 compulsory hours of research seminars, that may be covered in three different ways: 1. By attending a minimum of 7 seminars in the same academic year, from those offered through email or similar. 2. By taking one of the courses offered in the transversal training of the UCAM International Doctoral School (EIDUCAM). 3. By attending, at the institution of his/her choice, an equivalent training course of 21 hours or more, at pre-doctoral university level, and then applying to his/her tutor for recognition.

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The Research Stay

Optionally, upon admission to the programme, PhD students may undertake a research stay at a national or international institution (university or research centre other than the UCAM), in Spain or abroad.

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The Scientific Article

El alumno debe firmar el artículo como doctorando de la UCAM, preferiblemente en primer lugar, y puede ir firmado por el director/es. La revista debe estar catalogada como “Revista” o “Journal” en el índice de impacto, el artículo catalogado como artículo científico dentro de la revista, y el director/es y tutor no pueden ser directores o editores (principales o adjuntos) de la revista. Un mismo artículo no sirve para superar la misma actividad de otro doctorando.

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The Workshop on Doctoral Thesis Writing

Upon admission to the programme, PhD students must attend a workshop where they will be taught the institutional style and the formal requirements to be applied in the writing of their thesis. The workshop will be scheduled by EIDUCAM.

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