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Lines of Research

  1. Anthropology, Humanities, Moral and Religious Sciences
  2. Communication, Technologies, and Audiences
  3. Law
  4. Economy and Business
  5. Literature and Linguistics
  6. Education, Society and Health

Syllabus by Line of Research



1. Anthropology, Humanities, Moral and Religious Sciences


Teacher in charge


Dr. José Palacios Ramírez

  • Contemporary forms of production of subjectivity; Addictions and therapeutic programs; Contemporary social theory; Ethnographic methodology and qualitative research techniques.
  • Contemporary social theory; Ethnographic methodology and qualitative research techniques.
  • Globalization processes and political economy
  • Social exclusion and vulnerability

Dr. Juan Ramón Carbó García

  • History of the High Roman Empire (23 B.C. - 235 A.D.) -Foreign policy -Ideology of power -Barbarian peoples
  • Transmissions, receptions and appropriations of the Antiquity
  • History of Romania and Romanian historiography on the history of Dacia, the Dacians and the Gethas
  • Study of the catastrophic phenomena in the Antiquity and Late Antiquity

Dr. José Mª Sesé Alegre

  • History of the Hispanic Worlds (XVI-XX centuries)
  • History and Cinema. International Chair of Cinema of the UCAM.

Dra. Patricia Gutiérrez Rivas

  • History of the Hispanic Worlds (XVI-XX centuries)

Dr. José Jesús García Hourcade

  • History of Charitable Assistance in the Modern Age
  • History of Ecclesiastical Institutions in the Modern Age
  • History of the Region of Murcia in the Modern Age

Dr. Desiderio Parrilla Martínez

  • Philosophy: Studies on René Girard

Dra. Práxedes Muñoz Sánchez

  • Anthropology and Society
  • Education, development and immigration
  • Development of indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica

Dr. Ángel Martínez Sánchez

  • Philosophy: Aristotelian Metaphysics

Dr. Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez

  • History of the Roman Army
  • History of the Lower Roman Empire
  • Study of the catastrophic phenomena in the Antiquity and Late Antiquity

Dr. Francisco Cobo de Guzmán Godino

  • Modernity and power: anthropological perspectives
  • Anthropology and heritage
  • Economic anthropology and political economy

Dr. David Villar Vegas

  • History and Religion of Ancient Israel: From the origins to the fall of the Second Temple.
  • Canon of the Hebrew Bible and the Old and New Testaments.
  • History and Religions of the Near East and Egypt in the Ancient Ages.
  • History of Ancient Christianity.

Dr. Diego Sánchez Alcolea

  • New Testament studies and Hebrew background.
  • Translation of Semitic texts.
  • Philosophy and Music. Reciprocity and means of transmission of ideas.


2. Communication, Technologies, and Audiences


Teacher in charge


Dr. José Manuel Noguera Vivo

  • Networks and journalism
  • Design and development of new digital media
  • Economics of participation

Dra. Beatriz Correyero Ruiz

  • Radio communication
  • Tourism communication
  • Innovation in communication

Dr. Ángel Pablo Cano Gómez

  • Audiovisual Narrative
  • Fiction
  • Political and institutional communication

Dr. Blas José Subiela Hernández

  • Semiotics of design
  • Brand design
  • Typographies

Dr. Jesús Martínez Sánchez

  • Children's marketing
  • Branding and brand management
  • Organizational communication

Dr. Enrique Arroyas Langa

  • Journalistic rhetoric and argumentation
  • Journalistic genres
  • Public opinion

Dra. Isabel Sarabia Andúgar

  • Communication industries
  • Cultural industries
  • Regional audiovisual

Dra. María Socorro Arroyo Cabello

  • History of communication
  • Cybermedia
  • The press in Murcia

Dra. Josefina Sánchez Martínez

  • Transmedia Narratives
  • Local and regional audiovisual
  • Audio description

Dr. Pablo Salvador Blesa Aledo

  • International Relations
  • Institutional Communication
  • Political Communication

Dr. Salvador Alejandro Hernández Martínez

  • Public Relations
  • Protocol Studies
  • Public Relations Teaching

Dra. María del Mar Rodríguez Rosell

  • Communication and Minors
  • Media Literacy
  • Educommunication

Dra. Marián Navarro Beltrá

  • Communication and Gender
  • Sexism and Advertising
  • Reception Studies

Dr. José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia

  • Theory of Literature
  • Philological Studies
  • General Linguistics

Dr. José Luis González Esteban

  • Cybermedia in the Valencian Community
  • Digital Journalism
  • Participatory Journalism

Dr. Juan Antonio Marín Albaladejo

  • Political communication and public opinion
  • Framing Theory
  • Political journalism, scandals and media

Dra. Laura Herrero Ruiz

  • Digital communication and advertising
  • Social networks and influencers
  • Experiential events

Dra. Isabel María García González

  • Information on television
  • Human capital and television
  • University radio

Dr. Juan Francisco Hernández Pérez

  • Video games
  • Videoludic environments and interactivity
  • Ludonarrative and transmedia

Dr. Pedro Luis Pérez Díaz

  • Digital journalism
  • Discourse and conversation in networks
  • Citizen participation in media

Dr. Miguel Ángel Martínez Díaz

  • New audiovisual consumption habits.
  • Cinematographic post-production.
  • Audiovisual production and realization.

Dr. Sergio Albaladejo Ortega

  • Transmedia narratives
  • Cinematic fiction and non-fiction
  • Transmedia literacy


3. Law


Teacher in charge


Dr. César Augusto Giner Alegría

  • Criminology and Victimology.

Dr. José María Coello de Portugal Martínez del Peral

  • Constitutional Law

Dra. María Mendez Rocasolano

  • Constitutional and Environmental Law

Dr. José Ruiz Espinosa

  • Business Law

Dr. José María Caballero Salinas

  • Criminal Law

Dr. Alejandro Zornoza Somolinos

  • Liability arising from the use of new technologies

Dra. Miriam Judit Gómez Romero

  • Corporate due diligence on human rights: a look at labor law and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Francisco José Aranda Serna

  • New Technologies and Communication Law

Dr. Carlos Teruel Fernández

  • Labor and Employment Law

Dra. Silvia Fuensanta Durán Alonso

  • Civil Law

Dr. Helena Moreno Galán

  • Canon and Church Law

Dr. Simone Rosati

  • History of Law

Dr. Pablo Miró Colmenárez

  • Analysis of food policy from the perspective of international and European Union law.

Dra. Milagros Piedad López Martínez

  • Specific forms of criminality

Dr. Sergio Murcia Orenes

  • Penitentiary Law

Dr. Jaime Luis Sánchez Vizcaíno Rodríguez

  • Business Law

Dr. Rafael García García

  • Occupational Risk Prevention

Dra. Isabel María Pérez Gázquez

  • Labor and Social Security Law


4. Economy and Business


Teacher in charge


Dr. Gonzalo Wandosell Fernandez De Bobadilla

  • Strategic direction

Dra. María Concepción Parra Meroño

  • Consumer behavior
  • Sectorial marketing
  • Educational innovation in economics and business

Dra. Mercedes Carmona Martínez

  • Adoption and diffusion of innovations
  • Educational innovation in economics and business

Dra. María Pilar Flores Asenjo

  • Environmental economics
  • Sustainable behavior
  • Environmental valuation

Dra. Carmen María Martínez Franco

  • Efficiency analysis
  • Accounting history
  • Social economics

Dra. Laura Campoy Gómez

  • Knowledge management technologies and models
  • In-company training models and implementation
  • Business Intelligence and Information Systems

Dr. Ángel Meseguer Martínez

  • Clusters of companies
  • Innovation management
  • Science and technology parks

Dra. Rocío Arteaga Sánchez

  • Educational innovation in economics and business
  • Consumer behavior
  • Use of online social networks in business and education
  • Collaborative economy

Dr. Miguel Ángel Beltrán Bueno

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Tourism Marketing

Dra. María Dolores Gil Quiles

  • Economic and social impacts of tourism
  • Contribution of tourism to local development
  • Elaboration of indicators to measure the social and economic impact of tourism development.

Dr. Jorge López Carratalá

  • Tourism, environment and climate change
  • Geography, society and territory
  • Geographic information systems in social sciences
  • Tourism, cooperation and local development
  • Language tourism

Dra. Mª Pilar Barra Hernández

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing

Dra. Ginesa Martínez del Vas

  • Tourism Policy
  • Strategic Tourism Planning
  • Tourism Destination Management

Dra. Isabel Ros Clemente

  • Disability and discrimination
  • Labor insertion
  • Social Inclusion

Dr. Nicolás Gonzálvez Gallego

  • Information systems in organizations
  • Technological innovation for knowledge and information management.

Dr. Manuel Egea Medrano

  • Corporate diplomacy of internationalized sports companies
  • Communication Management in Sports Companies
  • Sports Marketing and Branding

Dra. Vita Zhukova

  • Experimental economics and behavioral economics

Dra. Laura Nieto Torrejón

  • Analysis of efficiency in higher education based on non-parametric techniques.
  • Study of the higher education sector in Europe from an economic perspective.

Dr. Eduardo Gómez Melero

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Financing of economies
  • The distributist economic model

Dra. María Dolores Aledo Ruiz

  • Knowledge Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Dra. Claudia Aguirre Megía

  • Consumer behavior
  • Communication in social networks

Dra. María Dolores García Pérez

  • The effect of cannibalism on business localization
  • Economic impact of the location of tourism services and activities.
  • Tourism in regional economic analysis

Dr. Juan Victor Meseguer Sánchez

  • Social innovation
  • Social responsibility and innovation

Dra. Raquel Puente Castro

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Marketing resources and capabilities

Dr. Miguel Puig Cabrera

  • Development and socioeconomic growth. Objective and subjective perspectives of well-being.
  • Sustainable tourism for the fulfillment of global goals. Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Evaluation of public policies for social welfare.

Dra. Carmen María Carrillo González

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Neuromarketing
  • Sensory marketing
  • Internal communication

Dra. Nina Pallarés Cerdá

  • Health economics
  • Family economics

Dra. Celia Blanco Jiménez

  • Experimental economics
  • Behavioral economics

Dra. Concepción González García

  • Macroeconomics
  • Economics and International Trade
  • Labor Market

Dra. Juana María Padilla Piernas

  • Social networks
  • Lodging and tourism


5. Literature and Linguistics


Teacher in charge


Dr. Thomas Hans Schmidt

  • Needs analysis and teacher improvement proposals for bilingual programs.
  • Specific needs of groups of students in bilingual education.
  • Self-perceived and externally assessed knowledge of foreign languages (English)

Dr. Antonio José Miralles Pérez

  • Construction of individual and collective identities in the historical novel.
  • Adventures and heroism in juvenile literature
  • Recreations of the Middle Ages in works of fiction

Dr. José María Mesa Villar

  • Pictorial-literary relationships
  • Women in Victorian literature and society.
  • Relations between literature and cinema (film adaptation)
  • Arthurian Romance

Dra. Patricia Coloma Peñate

  • 20th century American literature and culture - minorities specialty
  • Popular culture and women's studies
  • Space and identity studies, trauma and language in American literature.

Dra. Elisa Teresa Munizza

  • Contemporary Hispanic American Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Italian Literature
  • Dante Alighieri and his reception in Spanish and Latin American literature

Dr. Benoît Filhol

  • French Literature
  • Contemporary Spanish-American Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Didactics of foreign language, culture and literature.

Dra. Ana Isabel García Abellán

  • Theoretical and applied linguistics in second and foreign language teaching.

Bilingual teaching:

  • Perception studies (teachers, students and parents).
  • Design of CLIL/EFL materials and reading and writing in English.
  • Innovation in bilingual teaching: teacher training, translanguaging.
  • Educational policies and curriculum design in CLIL.

Dra. Katarzyna Anna Nowak

  • Neology and code-mixing in journalistic and/or advertising discourse.
  • Reception, attitudes and understanding of neology and borrowings in the press.

Dra. Alba María Gálvez Vidal

  • Discourse analysis
  • Contrastive phraseology
  • Spanish postwar narrative
  • Literary translation and comparative literature from a gender perspective

Dr. Antonio Candeloro

  • Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Literature of the Golden Age
  • Didactics of the Spanish Language and Literature
  • Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature

Dr. Alejandro Jacobo Egea

  • Spanish and Novo-Hispanic Literature of the Baroque (XVII century)
  • Luis de Góngora and his reception in Spanish-American Literature
  • Contemporary Spanish and Hispano-American poetry.
  • Cognitive Poetics


6. Educaction, Society and Health


Teacher in charge


Dr. Rosendo Berengui Gil

  • Psychology and sociology of physical education and sport.
  • Personality and individual differences

Dra. María del Pilar Vílchez Conesa

  • Physical education, physical activity and health promotion.
  • Childhood and adolescent variables that influence the prediction of future physical activity practice.
  • Diet, BMI, physical activity and active life style
  • Psychomotor skills and school health

Dra. Marina Iniesta Sepúlveda

  • Meta-analysis
  • Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders in children and adolescents.
  • Intellectual disability

Dra. Lina Tomás Pastor

  • Learning strategies and techniques
  • Orientation and university tutoring
  • Education of affectivity and character

Dra. Josefa A. Antón Ruiz

  • Prevention of health risk behaviors in adolescents and university students through the analysis of predisposing factors (personality variables, self-concept, self-efficacy, etc.).
  • Analysis of psychosocial variables and their relationship with academic variables.

Dr. Xavier Lorente Guerrero

  • Teaching-Learning in TiC's
  • Intergenerational Relationships (grandparents-grandchildren)
  • Education and learning with adults-seniors

Dr. David Jiménez Hernández

  • Teaching-Learning in TiC's
  • Intergenerational Relationships (grandparents-grandchildren)
  • Education and learning with adults-seniors
  • Educational methods, Attention to diversity
  • Information and Communication Technologies applied to Education
  • Values and Education
  • Educational innovation and teacher training
  • Educational processes and contexts (teaching methodologies, specific didactics)
  • Education, values and media

Dra. Práxedes Muñoz Sánchez

  • Qualitative research: action research, ethnographic research, collaborative research (dialogue of knowledge and decolonization of knowledge).
  • Processes of educational exclusion (absenteeism, attention to diversity, migration, multiculturalism, violence) and inclusive education strategies. Interculturality
  • Migratory processes in today's society
  • Gender perspective (identity, migration, violence, social organization).
  • Development cooperation and community identity: emerging community processes and concepts of citizenship (Latin America, Africa and Europe).
  • Anthropology of fishing

Dr. Francisco Jose Sanchez Marin

  • Educational methods, Attention to diversity
  • Information and Communication Technologies applied to Education
  • Values and Education

Dra. Isabel López Chicheri

  • Psychosocial variables related to chronic disease processes.

Dr. Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez

  • Didactics of History and Leadership
  • Didactics of Religions, Philosophy and Philosophy of History
  • Didactics of Art and Art History

Dr. Enrique Mena García

  • Didactics of History and Leadership
  • Didactics of Religions, Philosophy and Philosophy of History
  • Didactics of Art and Art History

Dra. María Belén Blesa Aledo

  • Sociology of the body
  • Education and society

Dr. Antonio Candeloro

  • Language
  • Literature
  • Didactics of Spanish language and literature
  • Reading promotion

Dr. Juan Jose Gonzalez Ortiz

  • Educational innovation and teacher training
  • Educational processes and contexts (teaching methodologies, specific didactics).
  • Education, values and media

Dra. María Tornel Abellán

  • Pedagogy
  • Education and Society
  • Values and Communication
  • Educational innovation and teacher training

Dra. Micaela Bunes Portillo

  • Pedagogy
  • Education and Society
  • Values and Communication
  • Educational innovation and teacher training

Dra. Isabel Mengual Luna

  • Attention to disability in the educational environment
  • Social and occupational inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Typical and atypical language development

Dra. Patricia Gutiérrez Rivas

  • Research and innovation in social sciences didactics
  • ICT in the teaching of Social Sciences
  • Teaching innovation and teacher training

Dra. Loida López Mondéjar

  • School coexistence
  • School, family and media

Dr. José Antonio Ortí Martínez

  • Leadership and values
  • Educational leadership and learning organizations
  • Educational innovation and teacher training

Dr. José Manuel Azorín Delegido

  • Didactics of music
  • The music of the audiovisual media
  • Innovation in music didactics

Dra. Elisa Isabel Sánchez Romero

  • Motivation, values, attitudes and behavior in sport.
  • Violence and harassment at school: bullying, cyberbullying and violence towards teachers.

Dra. Mª Ángeles Castejón Martínez

  • TCA, personality, anxiety and stress
  • Organic Bases of language and hearing
  • Language and communication disorders

Dr. Alfonso López Ruiz

  • Music Therapy
  • Music and interdisciplinarity
  • Psychoeducational contexts and interventions
  • Health education

Dr. Francisco Cobo de Guzmán Godino

  • Interculturality and globalization
  • Anthropology of education

Dr. Francisco Salcedo Arias

  • Management and direction of educational centers

Dra. Verónica Alcaraz Muñoz

  • Sports games and emotional experience in physical education
  • Interpersonal relationships in physical education (social inclusion and gender equality).
  • Study of decision making in game situations.
  • Physical education in the natural environment and its incidence with emotional wellbeing