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Lines of Research

Physical and Sports Education and Performance


  1. Analysis of choreography and performance in the performing arts.
  2. Performance analysis and teaching-learning processes in Physical Education and Sports.
  3. Assessment and quality of learning in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.
  4. Cultural significance of Sports and Physical Education.
  5. Neuroscience and control of human movement.
  6. Physiological effects of training and nutrition on physical-sports performance and health.
  7. Analysis of tactical behaviour.
  8. Biomechanical functional assessment and anthropometry.
  9. Neuromuscular factors associated with high athletic performance: strength, power, fatigue and training load.
  10. Training and sports performance at different stages of life.


Health and Management


  1. Health and motor activities.
  2. Adapted physical activity.
  3. Motor learning and development.
  4. Physical exercise in adults and elderly people.
  5. Physical activity, fitness and motivation.
  6. Psychology and behavioural analysis.
  7. Quality and sustainability in sports management.
  8. Social responsibility in sport.
  9. Administration and management of sports facilities and events.
  10. Effects and adaptations of physical activity and physical exercise in special populations.